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Formaldehyde is a gaseous bitter odor. This compound is the simplest member of the aldehyde group, its chemical formula is HCHO.

Formaldehyde was first discovered by the Russian scientist Alexander Butler in 1859. This gas is easily caused by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing compounds.

n the smoke from forest fires, a large amount of formaldehyde enters the atmosphere. Other than that, smoke from cars exhaust and smoke also contain formaldehyde.

Formalin applications:

  • Use formaldehyde as an antiseptic like glutaraldehyde
  • One of the formaldehyde applications in the adhesive industry.
  • This material is found in sewage from various industries such as adhesives and petrochemical industries.
  • Another use of this article is to use it as a fixative in the preparation of tissue samples for other studies, such as anatomical description or histological examination.
  • Other uses are used as a sterilizing and antiseptic agent.


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